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Moroccan Bedroom at Trevor Hall

Trevor Hall

Wales, Trevor Hall, Trevor Hall Road, Llangollen, Denbighshire, LL20 7UP,

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A uniquely quirky historic family home which opens its arms and invites you in. high on the list of the UKs most eccentric wedding venues this is Trevor Hall, a home oozing unusual treasures, including a Dalek! 

Trevor Hall is set in its own 150 acre estate of walled gardens, ancient woodlands and rolling pastures, there isn’t a room without the stunning view that makes you smile each morning.  In fact it was so good that they even raised the four poster up high enough that you can sit up in bed enjoy the vista without getting up. Trevor Hall is a beauty and is high on my list of eccentric wedding venues. 

Trevor Hall weddings include the private and exclusive hire of the house with its 10 bedroom accommodation, giving couples and their family and friends an opportunity of celebrating not just on the big day, but catching up and enjoying each other’s company for as many days as they wish.  Plenty of opportunity to decorate the house, grounds or marquee with your nearest and dearest and still be friends at the end of it as there are enough communal rooms and space outside to enable every guest to enjoy Trevor Hall in their own way. 

Everyone who visits Trevor Hall falls in love with the place, Louise, the owner and her late husband were no exception back in the late 90’s and didn’t think twice about moving from London to live there, despite the lengthy commute back to London for weekly work.  Trevor Hall quickly became a much cherished family home hosting party weekends with their friends and family who made the weekly pilgrimage to their sanctuary in Wales.  Louise has hosted her children’s weddings, grandchildren’s christenings and many birthday celebrations over the last 18 years.  In 2004 we decided to open the doors to visitors as Trevor Hall was just too good to keep to themselves.

Travelling all over the world has meant that holiday souvenirs are crammed into the house (some say the family actually bought Trevor Hall so they had somewhere to display them!). You could spend a week here and still find something you haven’t seen before. Each bedroom is themed, crammed with artefacts from all over the world and various family and pop memorabilia line the walls. Where else would you find a Dalek in the bathroom?!

Getting out and about, there are plenty of places to visit for adults and children, great walks, beautiful views and high adventure activities for those wanting an adrenalin rush. Local restaurants are bountiful and the charming city of Chester only 20 minutes away for some retail therapy and fine dining. After your busy days, you can just return to the sanctuary of Trevor Hall which just opens its arms and invites you in.  It is without doubt, one of the most magical places on the planet…


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