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Durhamstone Castle Exterior

Durhamstown Castle

Republic of Ireland, Durhamstown Castle, Durhamstown, Bohermeen, Co. Meath, Ireland

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Dating back to the 1400’s this unique co meath wedding venue is at the opposite end of the corporate spectrum, it’s rustic, it’s relaxed and it’s a Castle which is eclectically furnished with family heirlooms & flea market finds.

The Castle itself dates back to 1400, so it doesn’t have any crenellations, turrets or battlements-a look beloved by the much later Victorians, but it does have vaulted kitchens dating back to 1420. This unique Co Meath wedding venue still has it’s original plaster on the ceiling which resulted in a friend of the owners once saying it looks like faces are trying to peer through (creepy)!!

It has the original staircase tower, which could be defended by one top swordsman. There is a stunning stone arch in the Kitchen, which was uncovered 10 years ago. The downstairs makes for a perfect party place as the rooms are enfilade. You have the Kitchen, the hall, the Dining room, the Drawing room & Music room.  Lots of colour, pictures & objets d’art. Essentially this unique Co Meath wedding venue is a family home that has been assembled bit by bit over the years. 

The Courtyard has all the buildings opening on to it. The Castle itself, the Great Barn & the Coachhouse plus the Medieval Bolthole.  It has all the original windows & carriage arches and old stone steps to the coach mans loft are all still there. You won’t see a hanging basket anywhere! The Great Barn is a converted stables which was built as a model milking parlour & then converted to an American style horse barn. The kitchens & loos were once the Tack room & stables. Now all sparkling stainless steel & racks of knives with staff bustling over steaming casseroles & saucepans. 



This quirky and unique Co Meath wedding venue has one visitor that cannot be kept out, an old dog fox, he seems to have a romantic side & keeps slipping back up on the loft! The furniture in the Barn is a mixture of restored old kitchen tables, unrestored kitchen tables & Dave’s magnificent handmade giant refectory tables

The acoustics are fab & there is a top class heating system so you won’t be wanting for anything. 


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Say What?

|| Dear Sue & Dave & all the staff at Durhamstown, (especially Lev!). We would like to say a HUGE thank you for all your hard work to make the wedding so wonderful for us. THE FOOD the hospitality the effort & composure you provided were second to none. It was the most incredible day and it wouldn’t have been so without your input. You’ve created such a beautiful space here & your genuine kindness & passion really shines through.thank you for being such awesome hosts. Laura & James ||




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