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Truly, a beautiful wedding | Teybrook Orchard | Essex Woodland Wedding Venue

We all need a bit of escapism right now don’t we?

Roos & James held their wedding at Truly Quirky Wedding Venue, Teybrook Orchard, an Essex woodland wedding venue. It was beautifully captured by the very talented Ella of Ella Violet Photography.

These photos are heartwarming and just what we need right now. If you are planning a wedding for 2021 you need to get your eyes all over this.

Where did you two meet?

We met 10 years ago in Queenstown, New Zealand travelling. I used to go to School with Nat and Archie (founders of Browning Bros.) so had heard a lot about what they were doing at their sites. With a bit of research we realised that Teybrook Orchid ticked all the boxes for us. We were looking for a bohemian style site with camping, campfire and tons of nature.

Three reasons you chose this venue?

One. Nature. Two. Really helpful staff, especially Helen. Three. The site just had a great feeling (we knew straight away with the first visit that this was the venue for us).

Any advice to offer couples with your newly acquired hindsight?

Plan well. On the day itself, relax and enjoy. We did a weekend wedding, where we invited everyone on the Friday, the day before our wedding day. It helped to break the ice and it really made people relax naturally into the weekend. If you have the chance to do this, do it.

Favourite moment of the day?

We can’t pick a favourite moment, sounds cheesy and cliche but it was all brilliant.

Will you be going back?

We hope to visit Teybrook either this year or next year to stay on the camping and re-live the big day. Just the two of us this time.

Over to Ella . . .

This was my first wedding at the Teybrook Orchard site, I’ve previously worked at their sister venue Chalkney Water Meadows. I love Browning Bros. super relaxed approach to weddings. I absolutely love shooting outside, as I like to work with predominantly natural light so really this venue is a dream for me. The ceremony area under the dappled sunlight is just gorgeous!

There are so many beautiful locations to photograph at this Essex woodland wedding venue from the gypsy cart, the bell tents, fields, woodland the list goes on. My favourite photos from the wedding are the ones in the long grass, Roos is swishing her dress and they both just look so unbelievably happy.

Find out more about Teybrook Orchard over on Browning Bros’ venue page. An Essex woodland wedding venue that is hidden away from the world in Essex for parties with up to 80 to 100 guests. You will find 10 fixed dwellings on wooden platforms spaced around the site, providing accommodation for up to 36 guests.

You can contact Ella through her website.

Go gently people

Kelly x

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When to book the venue?

In this crazy world of weddings it’s easy to miss out. When should we book the venue? With more and more creative couples like you looking for unique venues where you can be as you as you like, venue perusing should be priority.

It’s no secret that cool, kooky wedding venues are not only hard to come by but that they get booked up super quick. You may be surprised by just how far in advance you should get looking.

I don’t advise picking the phone up as soon as you see the box ring. That would be madness. You should wait until at least the morning after. While sipping tea and admiring your left hand, get the right hand on the laptop.

As you are on this site (and thank you kindly for visiting us) you are no doubt looking for somewhere with a certain uniqueness, somewhere that will scream quirky and that will allow you to shine like the beasts of the anti cream that you areso, when you think ‘when should we book the venue?’ think about things with your sensible head on, it makes sense to book your venue NOWish.

Once it’s booked everything else can wait a while, everything else will mould around the venue. Think of it as the foundations.

Having done some research, speaking to our venues, and couples I have worked with, the average recommended time to enquire is at least 18 months, ideally 2 years. WHAT?

Yep, insanity isn’t it but I am afraid that’s the way it is. Of course this doesn’t apply to every venue, but if you don’t want to miss out you better get in there quick.

When should we book the venue? NOW! It’s really easy to enquire to the Truly Quirky Wedding Venues, there is an enquiry form on every venue page or simply click on the ‘Enquire about this Amazing Venue’ button and you’ll be taken to the form at the bottom of the page. All enquiries go direct to the venue. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy!

Thanks for exploring with us,

Yours Truly,


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Elmore’s Truly Magical Christmas Weddings

Pink smoke bomb in the snow with couple Elmore Court

Emily of Truly Quirky Wedding Venue Elmore Court looks back at some seriously dazzling and magical Christmas Weddings. Feast your eyes on these and feel the warm wedding inspiration seep into your soul this chilly December

Over to Emily . . .

Summer is known as ‘wedding season’ but actually, Christmas Weddings can seriously rock. Christmas is the most perfect time for weddings. No seriously, think about it.

What makes a perfect wedding?

I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s all about creating a perfect space for friends family and loved ones to come together. For feasting, dressing up, partying and celebrating love.

Now isn’t that exactly the same as what makes a perfect Christmas? Yes!

If you thought you were set on a wedding in the warmer months have another think about a winter wedding before saving your date. You could make some savings as well.

Where to hold perfect Christmas weddings? A cosy, rambling old stately home with crackling fires, surrounded by countryside. Slightly cut off from the rest of the world. The icing on the Christmas cake would be a fully soundproof late night party space with Ibiza quality sound system and lights for the mother of all Christmas parties, right?

It might sound too much to ask, but we are actually perfectly describing Truly Quirky Wedding Venue Elmore Court! Where to hold perfect Christmas weddings? A rambling old stately home cosy inside with crackling fires, surrounded by countryside and slightly cut off from the rest of the world… the icing on the Christmas cake would be a fully soundproof late night party space with Ibiza quality sound system and lights for the mother of all Christmas parties, right?

It might sound too much to ask, but we are actually perfectly describing Truly Quirky Wedding Venue Elmore Court! 

Elmore have had a fair few Christmas weddings since diversifying their family home to open for weddings and events in 2013, and we have gone through and picked some of their most magical Christmas weddings to inspire you with your wedding planning.

Winter wonderland snowy wedding

This is probably the most magical winter wonderland wedding we have ever seen.

Held on the 10th December, no one could have guessed there would be this much snowfall and it was pretty scary for the bride and groom who thought maybe none of their guests would arrive! But if you’re going for a white wedding then you really can’t beat a blanket of freshly fallen snow….

Photography by the epic James Fear Photography

Australian December wedding 

Leah & Aaron came all the way from Melbourne to host their winter wedding in the British countryside… The huge Christmas tree in the ceremony room, the wreath on the door and the mistletoe all blended unbelievably well with the Australian table settings in the Gillyflower and the eucalyptus leaves…

Photography by the fabulous Ed Godden

Cosy winter wedding

This couple made a whole weekend of their elegant and cosy wedding by holding a drinks reception the night before with added sofas.

Weekend long weddings are the best for creating friendships and memories. Starting the day before the wedding means guests really get to know each other before the big day, and by the time wedding arrives they are all good friends.

Photography by the fantastic Rob Tarren

Black tie Christmas wedding

This wedding was held in that quiet time after Christmas and before New Years Eve, on the 29th of December, the perfect time for a Christmas wedding as so many people will already have booked this time off work, and much more fun than eating yet more Turkey leftovers!

Photography by the incredible Eve Dunlop

December wedding with a fabulous dress change

Here’s another stunning black tie Christmas wedding with two wedding dresses. We love how the gold sparkling details of dress number two catch the light of the sparklers for added twinkling magic.

Photography by the remarkable Harry Michael

Candlelit wedding with children

Christmas is all about children and we love how much this couple considered the kids at their wedding and made sure they were involved too…

Photography by the marvellous Lush Imaging

Thank you Emily. To enquire about your wedding at Elmore Court fill in the enquiry form on their Truly Quirky Wedding Venues page.

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Real Wedding Inspiration | Hidden River Cabins | Cumbria

Hidden River Cabins outdoor wedding venue in Cumbria



Recently I put a call out to photographers who have been lucky enough to shoot at Truly Quirky Wedding Venues in 2018. Hidden Rivers Cabins has always caught my eye, a gem of an outdoor wedding venue in Cumbria.

When I heard from Eftal of and received some of these epic photos I knew I would be sharing this wedding with you. What better time of year to get some real wedding inspiration?

Make yourself a drink, grab a mince pie and soak it all in. It’s a beauty.




Reception Set Up Hidden River Cabins Cumbria



Why Truly Quirky –  Hidden River Cabins?

Gemma and Dave recently held their stunner of a wedding at the awe inspiring Hidden River Cabins in the Lake District. The couple met playing  badminton and got engaged on holiday in North Vancouver in April 2017. Clearly this creative couple love the fresh air and the space it allows, so this outdoor wedding venue in Cumbria was the one for them.




Speeches Hidden River Cabins Cumbria



Dave and Gemma enquired to Hidden River Cabins just over a year before the wedding. They knew it was the one for them straight away, they booked after one visit, falling for the private setting and the natural ceremony space. 



Gemma Dave and guests Hidden River Cabins



View with flowers Hidden River Cabins



Gemma and Dave instantly adored the setting and how unique this outdoor wedding venue in Cumbria is. Ideal for the autumnal theme they were after. They also wanted to have a ceremony that felt special and grand but not being religious thought they might struggle to find this, Hidden River Cabins delivered.

So, what was the food like Gemma? “Beautiful! The chef was amazing. We were invited for a taster of the menu and then chose our favourites”



Couple with rouge family member Hidden River Cabins



A highlight for the couple was that they stayed for 2 night with their 24 guests. All together for a weekend celebrating them in the most beautiful setting.

Any advise for couples choosing a venue Gemma? “Stick to your gut instinct. If a venue doesn’t feel perfect and you aren’t excited to go back it isn’t for you. Also don’t compromise on your day. If a venue isn’t willing to make you a priority then don’t make them yours.” Nicely said.





Over to the photographer…


This was the first wedding Eftal had shot at Hidden River Cabins and hopefully it wont be the last as he fell in love with the place. “I don’t usually get time to visit the venues before but I try to arrive there earlier than usual and have a little walk around to see where I can photograph the couple.”


Gemma and Dave Wedding Photography Hidden River Cabins



Eftal was head over heels with this place. What was his favourite thing about it? “Everything, I am not joking, literally everything. The dress, the hair, make up, the flowers, the venue, the grounds of the venue, how secluded and untouched it was, the relaxed atmosphere, and obviously the couple made it very special”



Couple Outdoors Wedding Venue Hidden River Cabins Cumbria



I seriously felt like I was in Canada ” clearly one of the reasons Gemma and Dave felt the same as this is where they got engaged. ” It looked so wild and beautiful. It has everything a photographer could want, from long grass to a river, huge gorgeous trees to beautiful log cabins, wherever I looked I thought ‘Oh I can use this place, Oh I can use that place too’ ”



Outdoors Wedding Venue Hidden River Cabins Cumbria



Did Gemma and David want anything out of the ordinary in terms of photos Eftal? “They wanted a sparkler photoshoot and I kind of specialise in this area anyway. They wanted mostly candid shots of the guests and intimate photos of themselves.”



Sparklers Hidden River Cabins



Any challenges at the venue in terms of shooting the photos at Hidden River Cabins? “Well it was a rainy, windy day, it would be difficult to get any photos outside, unless the couple is willing to go out in that sort of weather, some are, some aren’t.”



Thank you Gemma, Dave and Eftal for sharing these photos. For more information on how to hold your wedding at Hidden River Cabins please do pop over to their venue page and enquire.

Hiring out Hidden River Cabins and their outdoor space makes for a Truly Quirky Wedding Day, the woodland and river together with the amazing accommodation on offer means you will be in outdoors wedding heaven. Hidden River Cabins prides itself on being a really unusual wedding venue and you can see why. 


Secluded site | Hot tubs in every cabin with wood burners | Access to 150 acres of ancient woodland and river | Outdoor ceremonies | A stones thrown from the Lake District and Gretna Green




Credit where it’s due…

Photographer – Ladybirds Photography 
Dress – Marrime
Seamstress – Fellside Brides
Grooms suit – Mister Mr Barrow In Furness
Bridesmaid dresses – ASOS
Florist – Lisa Ellwood
Hair and MUA – Bridget Forster

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Truly Helpful Wedding Ideas direct from the venues!

When you are hunting for really helpful wedding ideas it’s a minefield out there. Let’s face it there are a million and 1 sources of inspiration when you’re planning a wedding. I am actually thankful that the likes of Pinterest and Rock My Wedding weren’t around when I was wed as I think I would have been sacked from my PA position for wasting time online. BUT where would the modern day couple be without this here internet and the plethora of ideas and offerings it has for our starry eyes to take in?

Sometimes it’s great to hear helpful wedding ideas and advise from people that are in the know and who you trust.  If you are looking at this site chances are you’re looking for a unique, unusual, inspiring venue so you will be thrilled to know that some of our Truly Quirky Wedding Venues have some rather helpful blogs and boards which I thought I’d share with you, I’m nice like that, tis why venues love being on this site you know.


Pinterest Board | H-Coo Events

With a tagline like this you know you’re in the right place  . . .  ‘Offering Styling Services | Outdoor Venue for Weddings & Events’ “We have a passion for … gatherings, happenings, celebrations, light & working with spaces”, Elizabeth is a keen pinner with over 50 boards from ‘Arches & Backdrops’ to ‘Dip Dye DIY’

HCoo Events Helpful Wedding Ideas



Blog | Arabian Tents

Loads of really helpful wedding ideas, really informative, well written posts from Katherine who has years of experience in alternative weddings and how to make the most of details. A post I really enjoyed was How to Survive the Festival Season like a Pro!

ArabianTent Blog Helpful Wedding Ideas


Blog | Elmore Court

Including some heartwarmingly unique real weddings, the history of the venue, even some playlists there’s loads to discover over at Elmore’s Blog. This lot really know their stuff, you can see this from the testimonials they receive. One of my favourite posts, is this recent gem . . .   ‘The 12 week wedding challenge’.

Elmore House Blog Helpful Wedding Ideas


Instagram | Cornish Tipi Weddings

If you’re more of a visual being then you will definitely be #hastagging for some inspiration on Instagram. Find some really colourful, inspiring images on this fab Instagram feed from our Truly Quirky Cornish Tipi Weddings. #uniqueweddingvenues #cornishweddings #colourfulweddingideas #unusualweddingvenues #quirkyweddingvenues

Cornish Tipis Helpful Wedding Tips


Yours Truly