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Truly Helpful Wedding Ideas direct from the venues!

When you are hunting for really helpful wedding ideas it’s a minefield out there. Let’s face it there are a million and 1 sources of inspiration when you’re planning a wedding. I am actually thankful that the likes of Pinterest and Rock My Wedding weren’t around when I was wed as I think I would have been sacked from my PA position for wasting time online. BUT where would the modern day couple be without this here internet and the plethora of ideas and offerings it has for our starry eyes to take in?

Sometimes it’s great to hear helpful wedding ideas and advise from people that are in the know and who you trust.  If you are looking at this site chances are you’re looking for a unique, unusual, inspiring venue so you will be thrilled to know that some of our Truly Quirky Wedding Venues have some rather helpful blogs and boards which I thought I’d share with you, I’m nice like that, tis why venues love being on this site you know.


Pinterest Board | H-Coo Events

With a tagline like this you know you’re in the right place  . . .  ‘Offering Styling Services | Outdoor Venue for Weddings & Events’ “We have a passion for … gatherings, happenings, celebrations, light & working with spaces”, Elizabeth is a keen pinner with over 50 boards from ‘Arches & Backdrops’ to ‘Dip Dye DIY’

HCoo Events Helpful Wedding Ideas



Blog | Arabian Tents

Loads of really helpful wedding ideas, really informative, well written posts from Katherine who has years of experience in alternative weddings and how to make the most of details. A post I really enjoyed was How to Survive the Festival Season like a Pro!

ArabianTent Blog Helpful Wedding Ideas


Blog | Elmore Court

Including some heartwarmingly unique real weddings, the history of the venue, even some playlists there’s loads to discover over at Elmore’s Blog. This lot really know their stuff, you can see this from the testimonials they receive. One of my favourite posts, is this recent gem . . .   ‘The 12 week wedding challenge’.

Elmore House Blog Helpful Wedding Ideas


Instagram | Cornish Tipi Weddings

If you’re more of a visual being then you will definitely be #hastagging for some inspiration on Instagram. Find some really colourful, inspiring images on this fab Instagram feed from our Truly Quirky Cornish Tipi Weddings. #uniqueweddingvenues #cornishweddings #colourfulweddingideas #unusualweddingvenues #quirkyweddingvenues

Cornish Tipis Helpful Wedding Tips


Yours Truly



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5 Truly Quirky Autumn Wedding Ideas | Woodland Animals & Pasties

Autumn Weddings are a dream to me, fresh crisp air, blue skies, orange leaves drifting on by, yeah, if I did it again I’d do it autumn. I have heard many a photographer say it is the best time of year for wedding photos too, something to do with the light, the atmosphere, the colours I guess. So here are a few really great, easy, and of course, quirky Autumn Wedding ideas . .


Autumnal Floral Bag | Alternative Bouquet by Julie Cambridge 

Autumn Wedding Ideas Julie Cambridge Autumn

I don’t know about you but I LOVE succulents, they ooze life, they compliment all types of flower and foliage but this is just awesome. Julie Cambridge recently won a prize for this creation, just look at those orchids, house leeks and seasonal berries all snugged up in a wooden bridal bag. This is top of my list of truly delightful Autumn Wedding Ideas. Stunning I’d say.


Autumnal Glitter Leaf Decorations

Who knows a child? Yeah we all know a child don’t we. Who knows a child who wouldn’t like collecting some leaves? Not me! Who knows a child that doesn’t love glitter? Well actually we could substitute the word child for human here. Autumn wedding ideas don’t come more glitzy than this

Autumn Wedding Ideas Glitter Leaves


Autumn Colour Palette

Found on ITakeYou.Co.Uk this gorgeous autumn colour palette is just my idea of autumnal heaven. Teal and orange are so great together, I might even be tempted to befriend a redhead just to have her wear a teal dress on the day, well maybe I wouldn’t go that far but just imagine that.

I Take You Autumn Wedding Ideas


Woodland Animal Details

Sarah London Photography


Get some woodland animal inspired details going on! Sarah London Photographer was kind enough to share this fab cake (above) that she shot at a recent wedding, the colours and the foxy toppers scream AUTUMN. Those mini pumpkins and leaves on the cupcakes are just fab aren’t they?! I also adore the cake (below) which was sent to me by FitzGerald Photography, and ‘dear me’, that beast is to die for is’t she? Not to offend the bull, oops, sorry.


The Bell in Ticehurst | FitzGerald Photographic


Late night Autumnal Tummy Warmers

I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than warming your tum up on a cold autumn evening. If you are looking for foody autumn wedding ideas then maybe consider the humble pasty. I tell you what your guests will be SO darn grateful and won’t forget the moment they were feeling a bit chilly and the late night treats arrived. I bet they’re good at soaking up the booze too.


Midnight Treats

Bye for now,