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Starting a small business | My current view on it all

Starting a small business | Go forth and succeed

Starting a small business is scary and keeping it alive and nurturing it is tough. This time last year I was getting ready to launch this website while running Belle’s Events, I was BUSY and it was tough to convince venues to join up before I had even begun but thankfully a handful did and so TQWV’s as born unto the web on January 1st. I am in a very fortunate situation, I am married to an excellent web developer and designer, without him none of my 3 wedding businesses would have happened. So thank you Joss. I love you truly.

It’s been a busy and exciting 2015 for me, I sold Belle’s Events, my alternative wedding fair business so that I could concentrate on and tap the keyboard frantically to get this site to where it is today. 33 Truly Quirky Wedding Venues are now shining brightly and more are lined up to launch before the end of 2015.

In May I asked Joss, my aforementioned love ‘help me get out there!  What’s all this SEO stuff about?’ luckily for us his role at work has developed so much that he no longer has time to help me with ‘geeky’ stuff like that so I had to step up and book myself on to a course or two to help me get to where I wanted to be. I didn’t expect to get so in to it, but thank goodness I did, it’s become an obsession and this week I confirmed my first Social Media and SEO Support client. I figured, if I can do it for me then I would love to help other small business and do it for them. Who knows this time next year I could be writing a post on my Social Media & SEO Support site!?

I have to give a little shout out at this point because I recently I attended The Hub, part of Chosen Wedding Collective run by the gorgeously inspiring Kiki, I sat with Sue, the new owner of Belle’s Events, listening to a lady with such passion about growing small businesses that I actually got a lump in my throat at the thought of what I CAN DO. This lady was Charlie of The Female Photography Association. She made me realise that I’ve done alright, but, she made me realise that I don’t currently reach my full potential because starting a small business is one thing, growing it is another and I, yes me, I put a theoretical chain around my neck to reign myself in when I get a bit scared. ‘no I can’t do that because it might not work’ ‘what will people think if it goes wrong – oh here she goes again with another idea!’ Well screw that, I can’t think like that any more, when I was starting a small business, each time I was starting a small business I didn’t know it would work, but it did, so I must be doing something right. However, what I learnt that day was, it’s about getting to the scary bits and holding on for dear, dear life.

The end of a year and the beginning of a new one is a perfect time to feel the way I do at the moment, I want to grab that unicorn my the horn and ride off into the future. I will be continuing to grow this site, to promote quirky and alternative venues, there is a list of changes for the site and plans afoot for expansion, and I will go forth and help other small businesses get themselves out there. And, just to make it even more exciting I have just received this beauty, the Day Designer, I asked for it as a birthday gift because if there’s one thing I would advise any small business owner to do it’s ‘plan’ and not just at the beginning.

I often feel like I’m chasing my tail so 2016 will see a much more organised, much more thoughtful time for me and my small BIG business.







Suzi Numn

Kelly, great to hear the personal experience and so inspiring, If ever you do any seminar’s please add me to the mailing list as would love to come and hear you talk about it – Good Luck with Next Ventures and Building Big! Suzi x


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