Cool Wedding Venue? Lets Talk!

If you run or own a Truly Quirky and down right COOL Wedding Venue then pop me an email to

I will take a look at what you have to offer and let you know pretty quickly if you are able to join us.

I am all about brand protection so please don’t contact me if you are not quirky, unique, creative and down right epic wedding venue. Venue pages are £200 per year. There is no commission for enquiries and your subsequent years are charged depending on the amount of traffic directed to your own website.

“An enormous thank you for all your help promoting our venue/venture, we have noticed an enormous increase in enquiries since we have been part of your fantastic website! Browning Bros | Chalkney Water Meadows


Woodland Tipi & Yurts

Supplier with the best alternative wedding ideas on offer? Join Us!

Couples are always searching for alternative wedding ideas  especially if they are hiring a cool wedding venue so if you’re a Truly Quirky Wedding Supplier and would like to shout about it then a side bar on one of our venue pages might an idea. It’s only a tenner per month on venue pages and fifty per month for the front page. You can cancel with a months notice.

We will do everything to protect the brand of our venues and of our site so we only take adverts from, yep, you guessed it, Truly Quirky Wedding Suppliers, those that reflect the vibe of the venues themselves and those that can offer alternative wedding ideas and quirky inspiration to our couples.

We don’t worry about whether you are a geek because we have one living in the TQWV’s hq, his name is Joss, I married him about 11 years ago. He can create fab adverts and he doesn’t even charge! Alternatively you can send us your own.

Our adverts are 600px wide and 400px high, but they appear different sizes on different devices (just so you know).

If you are involved in a wedding at the venue you are with you can blog about it. Even if you’re not, you are welcome to write free guest blog posts offering alternative wedding ideas and advise to Truly Quirky Couples. So if you’re  looking for some alternative and reasonable advertising, give us a try why don’t you?!

Truly Quirky Wedding Supplier Advertising has never been quirker!