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An exclusive interview with Simon Baring of Elmore Court!

Simon - Working at a wedding venue - we think!

 Who are you and what is your role at Elmore Court?

My name is Simon and I’m the admin and accounts manager (among several other things) here at Elmore.  I also do some sales, PR and technology management.  I’m also the sound engineer and occasionally nightporter!  Think of me as a slightly less flamboyant, less scented and possibly more practical version of GustavH from The Grand Hotel Budapest.


How did you get involved with the venue and how long ago was that?

I’ve lived here in this beautiful place for 5 years or so, previously doing my self-employed DJing, music production and booking agency business. This was before the idea of the venue was conceived.  I come from a shared music industry background with the owner Anselm, who is one of my great friends.  Turns out I was in the right place at the right time with the right skills to fill a heap of roles here when the venue became a reality.


The venue is ‘Truly Quirky’ we know that already but what do you feel makes it stand out from the wedding venue crowd?

Honestly, I haven’t experienced that many other wedding venues, but from what I’m told by the people that look at several and then book here, it’s largely our attitude combined with the unique and wonderful Gillyflower; as well as our flexibility and willingness to accommodate all types of weddings, people and ideas.  All are welcome at Elmore, everything is possible and we aim to give people what they want and then some…


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If you could choose one song/album to listen to while you’re doing what you do at the venue what would it be?

I haven’t managed to get past Todd Terje’s album of 2014 called ‘It’s Album Time’.  It’s a fantastic energetic album that keeps my foot tapping and my mind flowing!


What’s the best thing about working at a wedding venue as special as Elmore Court?

Seeing so many happy people every weekend!  Plus, getting to try snippets of what our brilliant kitchen team put out.

Simon 3

If you were planning your wedding at the venue what would you choose in terms of styling and flowers?

I would most likely leave the styling side of things to my better half! But, if I had to choose, the 3 most important elements of a wedding for me would be:

  • A swift and painless ceremony with lots of joy, laughter and good songs! Speeches too must be short, sweet and punchy. Nothing worse than when things start to drag on awkwardly.
  • Great food and drink, served quickly and not too showy. No being trapped at tables while endless courses are served when everybody just wants to start the real celebrations!
  • The company… the mix of people is vital to everybody having a great time. The Bride of course must attend or my wedding wouldn’t be much fun!



And lastly, have you ever had a sip of champagne on the job? Yeah you have!

I’m more of an Ale and whisky man personally- bring on the local Stroud Brewery Organic ales!  But yes, I have been known to partake in a little sip here and there!

Nice getting to know you Simon!



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