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Dazzling winter wedding at Worthing Dome

The epic Kerry of Teddypig Photography was thrilled to be the photographer for the wedding of Lucy at Jack at Truly Quirky Wedding Venue, The Dome on Worthing’s sunny seafront.

The day was crisp, cold and unexpectedly sunny for January.

Here she tells us all about what was like to shoot inside this iconic, former Edwardian Roller Rink and on the beach it resides on.

The images she captured at this this wonderful winter wedding at Worthing Dome will be treasured for evermore.

Was this your first Dome Worthing wedding Kerry?

Yes. I’ve worked on a styled shoot for Margot’s Wedding at The Dome previously but yes this was my first Worthing Dome Wedding and I absolutely loved it.

What are the best features of The Dome in terms of photography?

Whether you choose the whispering gallery or the large function room for your ceremony they are both lovely bright rooms which works tremendously well for the ceremony pictures. Following that the venue has so much scope for group & couple photography which works for all weather conditions (as long as your photographer can deal with all lighting situations) you can either use the Worthing Dome Events area or move out onto the beach. If the timings work you can also go down to the Edwardian Cinema and use the ornate features down there.

The use of the cinema has to be arranged before hand and is dependent on film timings. We managed to get 80 people into screen one to take some fun groups shots within a ten minute window between screenings of the latest Star Wars film!

What are the positives and negatives regarding shooting on the beach?

Lucy & Jack they both grew up by the sea so for them getting the family and couple shots on the beach meant a great deal. Beached can lend themselves to many great shots which incorporate seaside nostalgia.

The only struggle I had with shooting on the beach was that the sun was so bright and high in the sky which we had not accounted for in January. However with my knowledge of flash and where to position everyone. We ended up getting some great shots with the sun behind everyone had them bask in the most incredible light which is always a bit risky as your subjects may be squinting or have unflattering shadows but it all worked in Lucy & Jacks case.

Over to Lucy…

Where did you meet Jack?

Jack and I met at a house party in London. I was working with Jack’s housemate at the time and she invited me along. More specifically we met by the bin as Jack was putting out the rubbish! (Cue a lifetime of jokes along the lines of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure…)

How did you find out about The Dome? 

Jack grew up locally so had known the dome all his life and we had already been to a film there.

What made you choose The Dome? 

It was actually the only venue we viewed and it just felt right. A winter wedding at Worthing Dome is what we had always wanted.

1. It was not your boring standard wedding barn and we loved the history and Art Deco grandeur.

2. It was all inside and therefore warm for our January date.

3. It was on the seafront. We both grew up by different seafronts and it is a mutual love.

If you could offer couples any advice with your newly acquired hindsight. 

We would say make sure you find the most amazing photographer (as we did) because the photos are what will last.

Your favourite moment of the day? 

Our band playing Air ‘you make it easy’ – such a beautiful Version

Will you be going back to The Dome for anniversaries to watch films and have afternoon tea? 

Definitely. This was reason 4 for choosing the venue as we can return there unlike wedding only venues.

Thank you Kerry, and thank you Lucy & Jack for sharing this beautiful winter wedding at Worthing Dome.

To contact the venue please use the enquiry form at the bottom of the venue page and to contact the awesome Kerry, pictured below please email her or give her a bell on 07852905457.

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