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When to book the venue?

In this crazy world of weddings it’s easy to miss out. When should we book the venue? With more and more creative couples like you looking for unique venues where you can be as you as you like, venue perusing should be priority.

It’s no secret that cool, kooky wedding venues are not only hard to come by but that they get booked up super quick. You may be surprised by just how far in advance you should get looking.

I don’t advise picking the phone up as soon as you see the box ring. That would be madness. You should wait until at least the morning after. While sipping tea and admiring your left hand, get the right hand on the laptop.

As you are on this site (and thank you kindly for visiting us) you are no doubt looking for somewhere with a certain uniqueness, somewhere that will scream quirky and that will allow you to shine like the beasts of the anti cream that you areso, when you think ‘when should we book the venue?’ think about things with your sensible head on, it makes sense to book your venue NOWish.

Once it’s booked everything else can wait a while, everything else will mould around the venue. Think of it as the foundations.

Having done some research, speaking to our venues, and couples I have worked with, the average recommended time to enquire is at least 18 months, ideally 2 years. WHAT?

Yep, insanity isn’t it but I am afraid that’s the way it is. Of course this doesn’t apply to every venue, but if you don’t want to miss out you better get in there quick.

When should we book the venue? NOW! It’s really easy to enquire to the Truly Quirky Wedding Venues, there is an enquiry form on every venue page or simply click on the ‘Enquire about this Amazing Venue’ button and you’ll be taken to the form at the bottom of the page. All enquiries go direct to the venue. Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy!

Thanks for exploring with us,

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