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Five Top Wedding Planning Tips from Conor, Events Manager at Smock Alley


Five Top Wedding Planning Tips . . .

Number One

Plan the wedding that YOU want
So many times when I meet a couple they ask, “what do people normally do?” or “what’s the normal set up?”. People need ‘wedding planning tips!’ and I always tell them the same thing, plan the wedding that YOU want to have. Don’t get hung up on what you think might be expected of your big day. If you feel like having fire jugglers and a BBQ, do it. It will really make your day yours and much more special than a cookie cutter version of a wedding.

Number Two

Seek advice from friends and family but do not let them influence you too much.
Friends and family are an asset and will bend over backwards to help you have a wonderful wedding. However, learn to be decisive with them. They may have some wedding planning tips you don’t want to hear! With so many opinions coming at you it can be easy to get confused, overwrought or worse, upset. It is, of course, well intentioned advice but it can sometimes sound like criticism. Listen to ideas and suggestions then as a couple make a decision.

Number Three

Mistakes will happen!
No matter how well you plan a wedding something will go wrong. I have dealt with rainstorms, lost grandmothers, forgotten wedding licences, a drunk father of the bride and a lost engagement ring amongst other things. Hopefully, nothing so dramatic will happen on the day of your wedding but it very well could. Take it in your stride, its not the end of the world and trust me, the next day it could well end up as the hilarious highlight of the day.

Number Four 

Be flexible in your plans
Weddings take months of planning. From dresses, to menus, to venues, to flowers. Each detail is carefully considered and arranged. But when the day comes do not get hung up on details.Be relaxed in your approach. Time lines will slip, people will be late, maybe dessert isnt exactly how your remember at the tasting. But at the end of the day these things are trivialities and the most important detail is that you love each other and you are married. When it comes to wedding planning tips you can’t go far wrong with the immortal words of The Beatles, all you need is love!

Number Five 

Enjoy it!!!!!
I can not stress this enough. I have from time to time seen some brides and grooms get so hung up on time lines and plans that they seem to almost miss the fact its their wedding day. They are constantly looking at the next part of the day rather than enjoying the moment they are in. This is such  mistake. Delegate jobs to others to worry about and NEVER wear a watch or have your mobile to hand. You need neither.
Events Manager at Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin.
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