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Wedding Balloons Yes or No?

Brighton Photo Balloons


The Great Balloon Debate

Here goes – a topic I’ve wanted to broach for a long time. Balloons. Love or hate? Wedding Balloons yes or no? I think there’s a fine line between deflated kids birthday party, and helium filled balloon happiness. Who remembers the 1990 film ‘Stella’? Where all Bette Midler wants is a room full of balloons. Crummy apartment. Room full of balloons. Classic romantic proposal as far as I’m concerned. So yup, you’ve guessed it – I’m a lover. I go all doe eyed when I see balloons at weddings.


Big bunches of pastel coloured balloons, single, oversized red balloon. In my mind they’re more effective than a bouquet, walk down the aisle with your balloons, give balloons to the bridesmaids.



Sacco & Sacco


So it seems wedding balloons are Bang. On. Trend. “I must admit I’ve always been a little snobby about wedding balloon decor, thinking them unimaginative, cheap and tacky… but wedding balloon decor has had a super-cool makeover. Yes, balloons are back and they are chic-er than ever!” Sonia,


Bride with balloon


If you’re looking to get some amazing wedding balloons for your big day here a few sites to I can recommend for buying wedding balloons;

The Giant Balloon Company 

Pop Pop Papier 

Pearl & Earl 

Bubblegum Balloons

Photo Madly bride with wedding balloons


Words by Helen of Doily Days and myself.


PS: Here are a few links to some real weddings featuring the ultimate in quirky, colourful wedding balloons!

Bo-Ho Wedding – Bonkers Barn Wedding 

RMW  – Shoreditch Soul Mates

Love My Dress – Summer Garden Party




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