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5 alternatives to guest books…unique wedding ideas.



I really love looking back at the messages my friends and family wrote in the little notebook I laid on a table at my wedding but if I were to do it all over again I think I would choose something a bit quirkier…

  1. Ask your loved ones to leave a message on your initials, buy old or new letters, the ones above is from Etsy.
  2. Video booth – Such a great idea, imagine the messages before the drinks compared to after!
  3. Wall paper signing for your downstairs loo! How great would that be? Every time you spent a penny you’d be reminded of your day, you could even ask for people to do self portraits. Equally fun, a colouring in book – I found this on Etsy, see below on the left, imagine all those little dudes and dolls coloured in and signed.
  4. Get guests to sign your favourite book – now this is one for you bookworms and something that would be so gorgeous to pass on through a family.
  5. Vintage crockery signing – if you like a bit of retro china on your walls, why not get your guests to leave a message on theirs after their cake.

I hope you love these unique wedding ideas as much as I do.



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