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Truly naff wedding stuff

Truly naff wedding chairs

There is nothing that puts me off a venue more than if they send me photos of their reception space with chairs covered in those stretchy white covers that make them look like weird ghost chairs, or even worse, sashes. Why oh why would you want them, surely any ‘naked chair’ can’t be as bad as a ‘ghost¬†chair’ or a ‘sashed chair’.

I reckon you could even BUY a whole load of Ikea wooden fold up chairs at ¬£11 a pop and then sell them in batches of 4 on eBay if the venue’s chairs were really that bad, you could even paint them afterwards and hire them out to people with chair sash hate for their event. Let a chair be a chair, you won’t regret it.





Totally naff wedding favours

What a total waist of time and money, if they’re not truly wonderful your guests will literally ‘forget’ to take them home or take them home and thrown them away. Wedding favours can be so great, there are so many unique ideas out there and I will be writing a blog one day about how amazing they can be, especially at a small a wedding. But WOW, there are some truly naff wedding favours too, here are some of my favourites or should I say least favourites.

The most hideous? Hmmm, might have to be the mini cake candles.





Totally naff wedding photos

This one goes without saying, I don’t even know where to being with naff wedding photos, there are so many. Investing in a good wedding photographer that gets what you are about as a couple is SO important. Imagine getting your photos back and seeing something like this, no, there are no words…


Naff Wedding Photo Alert

I hope you enjoyed reading this tongue in cheek post as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Yours Truly

Naff Kelly


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