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Small Business Brand Protection | Smock Alley


It was inevitable that this would happen and I knew I would hate it. Today I was asked ‘Why can’t we be on your site? Turning away keen customers, and lets face it, cash, is horrible, but it has to be done. Running a small business and brand protection is vital but tough.

If there’s one thing I have learnt in this crazy world of promoting unique and creative suppliers over the past four years it’s small business brand protection is what keeps your business real. Just one oddity and the brand fails.


Thoulstone Park | A Truly Quirky Wedding Venue


Don’t get me wrong, I believe that every couple is unique in their own way. Whatever it is they want, their day will be special to them. If a couple wants to get married in a golf club with beige table cloths and Robbie Williams tribute act then they will love their wedding as much as a couple that want to get married in  a woodland surrounded by stilt walkers with a Mexican band playing in the background.

Suppliers in the past that have wanted to exhibit at my wedding fairs, and now venues that contact me and ask to be on board and are told ‘no’ might feel like I’m being cruel or judgemental. This is not the case at all! There will be a site or an event somewhere out there that will be perfect for them and will get them clients but I HAVE to remember that small business brand protection is key.

One thing I will never do is take money from someone knowing they will get little, if any, interest from the type of couples I want to attract to my site.

So in answer to the question at the top of this blog which I was asked earlier today;

A Truly Quirky Wedding Venue is one like no other. A Truly Quirky Wedding Venue has something about it that makes me want to know more. A Truly Quirky Wedding Venue will attract unique and creative couples. 



(Photos of Smock Alley and Thoulstone Park – two of our Truly Quirky Wedding Venues)

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