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Real Wedding at Comrie Croft | Ainsley & Iain | Wonderful & Strange Photography

One of my favourite things about running this site is hearing about and seeing really creative weddings that take place at Truly Quirky Wedding Venue’s.

was lucky enough this week to be given the details of Wonderful&StrangePhotography by the super helpful fellows at Comrie Croft. Naturally I was thrilled to see this glorious affair. The gorgeous and creative couple that are Iain and Ainsley told me why they chose and loved the venue so very much.

This is a ‘Real Wedding at Comrie Croft‘ | Truly Quirky Wedding Venue | Perthshire






So Ainsley, how many venues did you look at while you were planning your wedding?

We had a shortlist of three or four venues that we contacted by email and phone, but Comrie Croft was the first and only venue that we visited in person. We knew as soon as we saw the Barn and the beautiful views over the hills that this was the place where we wanted to get married.





What made you choose Comrie Croft?

We knew that we wanted something different from the traditional, formal church wedding and dinner. We wanted as many of our friends and family as possible to be able to join in the wedding and we hoped that we could extend the celebrations over a whole weekend. Comrie Croft ticked all the boxes: it offered us the chance to style the wedding in any way that we chose, and it provided onsite accommodation that our friends could make use of so we could all spend as much time as possible together over the weekend.

Comrie Croft lists good local suppliers, but you are not at all obliged to make use of them (there’s no pressure to spend money where you don’t want to). You are left alone to run your day exactly as you like, and there’s so much space that guests can wander off to do their own thing as and when they want to. We had a lot of children at our wedding, and it was great to see how much they enjoyed the venue too. Overall, the vibe is really informal and relaxed, which is really conducive to creating a fun event.


Real Wedding at Comrie Croft | Before it all starts | Wonderful&StrangePhotography Real Wedding at Comrie Croft | Grooms Sporran | Wonderful&StrangePhotography



What was the main selling point of Comrie Croft?

We loved the fact that we had control over every aspect of our wedding, and that we were involved in every decision that was made on the day. I don’t think we realised when starting out just how big a task we had assigned to ourselves (we chose to organise absolutely everything, from plate, glass and cutlery hire, to caterers for two days, to the bar, prop hire, and the silent disco and a PA system).

It was a huge undertaking, but it meant that on the weekend of the wedding itself we felt that we had created something really personal and unique, and we were filled with a real sense of pride when we saw how much fun everybody was having.


Cheeky Taxidermy Bunny | Wonderful&StrangePhotography


How much input did the venue have in the look of your day? Did you have a stylist, did they recommend anyone, or did you do it all yourselves?

Comrie helpfully list local suppliers on their website, but ultimately the venue is a blank canvas and it is left entirely to the couple to style their day. With the exception of the floral arrangements, we did everything ourselves (with lots of willing hands to help put everything together).

We were working until the small hours the night before our wedding getting the barn ready, which meant that we were absolutely shattered on the day itself, but the adrenaline kept us going all weekend!  I can’t rate our florist, Amanda Clayden of Green Pea Studio highly enough: her creativity with the trees and floral arrangements that filled the barn and Cowshed was incredible and it filled my heart with joy to see how she transformed the space.

Bride with umbrella at Comrie Croft | Real Wedding at Comrie Croft by Wonderful&StrangePhotography Bride at Comrie Croft | Real Wedding at Comrie Croft by Wonderful&StrangePhotography Moose Head at Comrie Croft by Wonderful&StrangePhotography Awesome Wedding Table | Real Wedding at Comrie Croft by Wonderful&StrangePhotography


Did you stay at Comrie Croft?

Yes, we booked one of the Katas to stay in (we chose the same one that we had stayed in when we went to view the venue initially). It’s a great way to glamp. However, we were having so much fun that we ended up staying up all night and didn’t use it. My husband eventually crashed out there while I ended up sleeping on a sofa in the bunkhouse!





Did any of your guests stay, and if so did you spend time with them at Comrie the next day?

A lot of our guests turned up the day before the wedding to help us set up, so as a thank you we offered them all a free bed for the night on site. On the night of the wedding itself all 74 beds available at Comrie were full too (the guests paid for this, which helped a little to offset the cost of hiring the venue over three nights), and quite a few of our friends opted to camp too.

We also hired out three of the Katas on site to accommodate ourselves and family and friends. We knew from the start that we wanted our wedding to be a whole weekend affair, and we were delighted that most of our friends chose to stay on until the Sunday. On the Saturday afternoon, we put on a hog roast (supplied by Highland Spit Roasts, and which was universally agreed to be the best hog roast EVER), and Ivan Drever (of Wolfstone) played an acoustic set followed by various friends DJ’ing until the small hours on Sunday morning.

It was great to have more time than you would normally get at a wedding to spend with our friends, some of whom had travelled from as far as China, South Korea, and the Philippines to share our day.



Bride with dog by Wonderful&StrangePhotography Real Wedding at Comrie Croft | Wonderful&StrangePhotography



We would heartily recommend this venue to anyone looking to create something slightly different and really personal for their wedding. Your imagination (and your budget!) is your only limit. We visited the site on a couple of occasions before the wedding itself (you can visit as often as you like) and were lucky enough to catch two weddings taking place on those visits, each of which were styled uniquely. The staff at Comrie are amazing (especially the lovely Ellen) and were endlessly patient with our long list of questions and requests. They leave you to just get on with things, but are also on hand if you need any general advice. 

Our guests were a bit uncertain about what to expect from the venue, but they all left saying that it was the best wedding they had ever been to. People loved being involved in setting up and helping to run the day itself. Comrie really does have something to offer for everyone, whether they are seven or seventy.



Real Wedding at Comrie Croft| Iain & Ainsley | Wonderful & Strange Photography



Dancing Bride | Real Wedding at Comrie Croft| Iain & Ainsley | Wonderful & Strange Photography

And a few words from the awesome photographers…

“This was the first time for us at Comrie Croft, although we’re back there in December and can’t wait to see how a Winter wedding will look there! We were really pleased to be capturing our first wedding Comrie Croft, from what we’d seen of the venue, it looked like a blank canvas to create something really personal and to reflect couples brilliantly.

We don’t tend to visit venues beforehand unless we anticipate any tricky situations or logistical issues… however, often we’ll scout the surrounding area for awesome locations in case the venue itself doesn’t have many options for a couples shoot. Although Comrie Croft is absolutely jam packed with places to go!

We loved working at Comrie Croft. It’s a really authentic venue, with a real community feel to the way it’s run. A million miles away from many of the faceless ‘wedding factory’ type venues. A wedding here will always be your own. The more creative you are, the more incredible your wedding will be. So many possibilities!”


Real Wedding at Comrie Croft


Bride wore Delphine Manivet and Laure de Sagazan and hanged into ASOS at night.

Bridesmaids wore ASOS and Flowergirl was in Ted Baker


Hector Russell Kilt shop in Inverness


The amazing Amanda Clayden of Green Pea Studio


A real mix. Some items were from India, others from Ebay and Amazon, Bride2Bride, Preloved notonthehighstreet.comSome items were homemade by friends (the LOVE sign and some of the bunting and they also hired props from Carnival Chaos in Edinburgh. Hay bales and lights from Comrie Croft.



Couple at Comrie Croft Dancing by Wonderful&


I really hope you have enjoyed seeing this Real Wedding at Comrie Croft. Thank you so much to Ainsley for her words, to the fantastic David and Martyna of and of course to Comrie Croft.

Yours Truly



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