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Month one & some stuff about starting small businesses.



Having started three small businesses in as many years I feel like I can share a few of the emotions I have been through. There’s quite a few I can tell you that. There’s fear, excitement, joy, nerves, happiness, nerves again, and then some anxiety sprinkled on top.

Each time I have started out with a new business I haven’t known how it’s going to be received. It’s a nerve racking time of checking stats daily, my inbox, and social media attention become a contstant distraction. I should imagine it’s like this for a first time gardener, planting a seed and watching it appear from the earth, will it thrive? Maybe it’ll die. It’s my job to look after this seed.

My main concern in the early days is always ‘what if people don’t get it?‘. Of course people I know have told me it’s a great idea, a little bit of market research here and there, but I never really know until I get at least one month in. I guess I know people get it when I start receiving positive emails back from people that want to know more and that’s one of the best feelings I ever get. It’s gives me fire in my belly to keep on going.

So, a month into my latest venture, Truly Quirky Wedding Venues, and here I am with a huge smile on my face. You get it. I knew you would!





(photo by Jayne Sacco of Sacco & Sacco Photography)

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