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Lockdown & Wedding Venues

My thoughts and a peep through the window at The Dome Worthing during summer 2020…

It’s raining, and as I type, Mary Anne Hobbs is playing a track on BBC Radio 6 for a couple who should be getting married today, and today is a Wednesday in June 2020.

Firstly I would like to say that you are not alone in having to reschedule your wedding. Something you never thought you would have to consider is lockdown and wedding venues.

Maybe your wedding will have to be different to the one you imagined, be smaller, be outside, but, you never know, it might be even better than the one you had planned.

The best party you are ever going to throw will have to wait. It means all sorts of rearranging, rebooking, uninviting (ouch!) But it will be okay. It will.

What does it mean for venues?

How are they coping with not working this summer? Will they reopen? Will they be able to operate with social distancing? Lockdown and wedding venues isn’t an easy thing to get your head around, especially if you own or run one.

The team at The Dome Worthing told me that the government’s decision to finally lockdown came as they were hosting a wedding . . .

“In some ways, it was a relief to have firm instructions. Having the last say over whether couples can hold the most important days of their lives is an impossible situation to find yourself in. It was heartbreaking. But we couldn’t be more grateful to the understanding couples whose weddings were taking place over the next few days, as well as those booked March to June.”

“For now, the difficulty lies in weddings booked from July onwards. There is no specific government advice as to reopening, and many couples are unsure whether to postpone or keep the original date. Weddings are full of moments of connection. From greeting guests to dancing, and even with lockdown lifted, holding a socially distanced wedding will be near impossible.

Couples will request their wedding be postponed, leaving too few dates for new events. If we are unable to open in 2020, then 2021 may result in a very busy year.”

So what have The Dome been up to during this time?

“With so much uncertainty, we have found there is a noticeable drop in enquiries, though there is still interest in the Worthing Dome; happily, we have taken bookings despite couples unable to tour the venue. Like many venues, we have had to rethink how we conduct viewings and are now offering zoom meetings.”

“With every negative, there comes a positive, and with the cancellation of events we have been carrying out vital maintenance necessary on the exterior of the building. Closing has also allowed us to concentrate on our new website, which will be live this month. We are pretty excited about this project and hope the new website gives clarity to couples interested in booking the Worthing Dome for their wedding.  Going forward, we are itching to reopen, and the bright side of having to rethink how we present ourselves to couples has opened up exciting options.”

My advise to any couples wanting to get married over the next few years is enquire now!All venues will do everything they can to reschedule your wedding for you and will understand your concerns. Use the enquiry form at the bottom of each venue page to contact them and talk it over.

Take care people,


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