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BOOM! Shake shake shake the ROOM! Doris Loves #Top3Tips

Doris Loves  Light Up Letters BOOM


Amanda of Doris Loves is no DJ, she’s no technician, she and her divine husband Darren are the creators of the most awesome ‘LIGHT UP LETTERS‘ on the wedding hire market. Doris Loves has exhibited at each and very one of my wedding fairs and the reaction to the light up letters is always the same . . . W.O.W. These lovely pair can make a Truly Quirky Wedding Fair dance floor BOOM!

So, here we go, the lady herself offers her Top 3 Tips for making your wedding dance floor B.O.O.M

Tip1 Think about the lighting.

To guarantee an empty dance floor, turn the lights up, nobody feels like approaching a BRIGHT dance floor. When people throw those shapes they want atmosphere and they don’t want to feel like they’re under one giant spot light. Dim the lights, any good venue will be prepared for this. Just don’t forget to ask.

Tip2 Signage, spell it out to your guests.

Here’s a great example from Pinterest, it sets the scene for your guests and lets them know just what your expecting. I particularly like ‘Dance Offs should take place where appropriate, and often!’


DorisBOOM2 Sign


Want to tick off tip one and two it one easy hit? Then hire our ‘Light Up Letters!’ They are another great way to create a great lighting atmosphere, but with over 70 battery powered letters in stock, you could spell out the word M.O.V.E // D.A.N.C.E // D.A.N.C.E.F.L.O.O.R. then theres no way of missing it!

Doris Loves Light Up Letters PARTY

Tip3 The 2nd song.

The scene is set, the dance floor is looking fantastic with it’s atmospheric lighting and light up letters. You’ve spelt it out clearly to your guests, your expecting some serious shapes to be thrown.

You’ve thought long and hard about your first dance, you’ve picked the perfect song, everyone starts joining in at the end, everyone is swaying away… and this is when you hit them with the ultimate dance friendly song! This way they can’t resist staying and dancing the night away.

So there you have it ladies and gents, if you want to keep your dance floor BOOM-ing follow these tips and your sure to have an absolute blast out there (and some footage you’ll watch again and again).




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