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How to choose a wedding venue – Top 5 Tips

When it comes to how to choose a wedding venue there are so many things to consider. Choosing somewhere that suits your style as a couple can be overwhelming to say the least plus you are looking for the best wedding venues, the most unique wedding venues, because you don’t want to settle for ‘just another wedding venue’.

There are TONS of wedding venues out there,  it’s easy to get completely confused and end up going to view ones that aren’t even relevant to you.

Here’s my five top tips on how to choose a wedding venue . . .

ONE | Think about the kind of places you both love in your everyday lives.

Do you long to spend your wedding day in a building that reflects your style or would you like something different for a change? Do you both love dining out in light spaces with industrial design features or did you grow up in a rural environment and you want to bring the farm vibe to your day? Do you love grey interiors, stag heads or something white and neutral?

These questions might seem obvious but in the throws of planning a wedding they can be overseen, don’t end up wishing you were outside dancing in the tree’s while you’re in a city centre warehouse.



Newton Hall’s epic lounge featuring cosy, earthy interiors and dark walls.

TWO | Do you want to find somewhere that you can put your own stamp on? (it’s okay if you don’t!)

Or would you rather somewhere so quirky, so unique, that all you have to do is rock up and soak in the originality. Maybe you haven’t got the time to ‘put your stamp’ on somewhere and let’s face it that can often mean spending lots of money on decor. I have friends that are getting married after having a few children, they have jobs, they don’t want to do the DIY thing and I don’t blame them at all!

When you’re choosing a wedding venue that suits your style you’re choosing the best wedding venue for YOU and if you want somewhere truly unique you are are on the right site –  get searching.

Graffiti Warehouse shoot

The Boiler House in Cardiff – who needs decor with that backdrop


THREE | Do you want to P.A.R.T.Y?

This was HIGH on my list, I like to party but you might not and that’s ok. Ask yourself, do you two like to dance, do your friends and family love a party, do you want a DJ or live band? If so then you need somewhere to accommodate some serious wedding dancing yes? YES!

There are venues out there with plenty of space to get your groove on, equally there are venues where you’ll find there’s only room for 20 people on the dance floor at one time, that venue would suit a small wedding where the priority is not a party, so think before you book, are you ravers at heart, if you are, you want space to throw those shapes. If you can’t think of anything worse than a room full of people dancing until the early hours, don’t provide a dance floor!

Reception at Larmer Tree by Assassynation-11255

Larmer Tree – Throwing shapes, image by asassynation


Four | Do you want to have your ceremony at the venue?

Words by Naomi of Wedding Tattle – What I find super-exciting at the moment is that more and more beautiful venues are opening their doors for weddings. Couples are opening their minds and hearts to quirkier, more laid back locations. Hallelujah! 

However, there can be a slight snag when it comes to booking such unique venues. For years couples have used hotels and locations all geared up for wedding ceremonies where they have a licence and everything can take place all under one roof. However now, because of the nature of some venues, they just do not have the licence and others may have their doors open to weddings but they may be currently trying to secure their licence. So, can we get married anywhere? No. But who cares!? Embrace it. 


The awesome chandilier at 116 by Duncan Kerridge

Image of chandelier at 116 by Duncan Kerridge


FIVE | Do you want to take your own caterer or bar?

This is a tough one, recently I was contacted by an awesome caterer looking for a venue for a quirky couple that wanted to use him as their caterer at their wedding and they were struggling to find somewhere that would accommodate him. Many venues have in house caterers and don’t allow outside businesses in, this is totally understandable, but don’t fret, there are venues out there that will allow you to bring your own. It’s just a case of searching but I have found that it’s usually the more chilled, outdoorsy venues that allow you to bring your own and don’t charge corkage.


Woodland Swing at Comrie Croft

Comrie Croft woodland swings

I hope these tips are food for thought, until next time my pretties.

Yours Truly


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