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How NOT to plan a wedding. Be inspired NOT overwhelmed

How many times have you read articles and posts about ‘How to plan a perfect wedding’? Well here’s one about…how not to plan a wedding!

To say that the couples planning a wedding these day will be bombarded with ideas is the understatement of mankind. We are lucky enough to have big juicy social media platforms which shout at us with endless ideas and offerings of ‘stuff’ that will make your wedding look AWESOME.

We have an array of the most incredible wedding blogs, a great example is Rock My Wedding, but remember this, amongst the amazing real weddings and advice are a lot of STYLED SHOOTS. I love a shoot as much as the next person, and they are great for inspiration but try not to feel that your wedding must look like a styled shoot in blog post or magazine article, PLEASE don’t feel like this it’s a horrible way to plan a wedding, it’s about you two and what you love, not about whether your photos will be featured on one of the ‘big wedding blogs’.

So when considering how not to plan a wedding consider these tips…


Tip One | Don’t copy | Make it yours

Flamingo Colours from

If you see a really unique real wedding with a flamingo colour palette, let’s say 1000 hanging origami flamingo’s as a backdrop along the inside of a teal lined marquee the chances are that couple have a story to tell about those skinny pink birds, maybe they were travelling and one of them proposed next to a sparkly teal waterhole full of them. So try and think of ideas that are you, by all means use the idea of hanging something against a striking colour but yours could be oranges because you met fruit picking, you see where I’m coming from?



Tip Two | What do you actually want?Emily Little Photography Horse Heads

Okay, we all know there are endless cool things you could buy for your forth coming nuptials, I mean, literally millions of items and ideas you could spend thousands of pounds on, so how do you choose which ones to invest in.

What do you want for your big day, maybe you want horse heads for the dance floor, maybe you don’t want to arrive on a tractor, maybe you only want to provide drinks and food made by local businesses, maybe you don’t want favours.

It is so easy to think, ‘oh my god, look what they had, they had mix tape favours, we should do that’ but WHY?, just because you saw it on Pinterest? If it’s not relevant to you maybe think a bit more about what it. (image by Emily Little Photography)



Tip Three | Don’t buy the shoes before the outfit! Glitter Brogues How NOT to plan a wedding

I mean this literally. You can also apply to other areas of your wedding planning. For example, don’t see a cake topper on line and think ‘that is so cool I am going to plan my cake around it!’ this will really limit you to cakes, you never know you might go for something other than cake.

Going back to shoes, yeah, don’t do that, I know the shoes are the ones you have been dreaming of your whole life but the dress/suit/whatever you are planning on wearing will be more difficult to choose. If you love the shoes that much maybe you should get them anyway and wear them on New Years Eve!?


Tip Four | Don’t miss out on booking a venue you LOVE

Tattie Barn Cambo House Unusual Fife Wedding Venue

Really unique and breathtaking venues like the ones I feature get booked up quickly for a reason. You might arrange a viewing at the first venue on your list and fall bang in love with it. Say no more my friend, BOOK IT.

However, if you don’t fall head over heels in love with a venue don’t book it! Thats definitely how NOT to plan a wedding. You will have a feeling in the pit of your stomach that says ‘I want to get married here!’ if it’s not there, don’t worry, there are loads of Truly Quirky Wedding Venues out there, you just need to spend a bit of time finding the one that flips your tummy over.


Tip Five | Be inspired NOT overwhelmed


Easier said than done right! Please don’t think I mean don’t use our beloved Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration, I mean, I’m not mad, I just mean don’t feel like you have to have your wedding look a certain way. Be inspired but don’t get overwhelmed, it will result in bad things happening. Don’t get me wrong, seeing your big day in a magazine or online is great, if it’s because it was stunning and other people will want to be inspired by it NOT because it looks like all the other ‘alternative’ weddings. (image from OffBeatBride)

Until next time my pretties.




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