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Here’s Conor from Smock Alley Theatre . . .

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Who are you and what is your role at Smock Alley?

My name is Conor Byrne and I am the Events Manager at Smock Alley Theatre.


How did you get involved with the venue and how long ago was that?

I have been working in Smock for over 2 and a half years now. I had been working in corporate finance and hated it. (me too Conor!) I had my degree and masters in Drama Studies and had always wanted to work in theatre in some capactiy but after college the lure of a full time, well paid job over ruled my romantic notions of working in a theatre. But after 6 and a half years in the rat race I had had more than enough. I took voluntary redundancy and started working in Smock as the Front of House Manager. After a year that was Front of House and Events Manager and now Im the full time Events Manager.


The venue is ‘Truly Quirky’ we know that already but what do you feel makes it stand out from the wedding venue crowd?

What I love about Smock is that it truly is a hidden gem right in the heart of the city. It stands in the oldest part of Dublin, facing right on to the River Liffey and has SO much history behind it.It was a church from 1811 until 1989 and even now we are couples are still able to get married in the building. And one little piece of personal history that I love is that its the building in which my mother was christened.


If you could choose one song/album to listen to while you’re doing what you do at the venue what would it be?

Im really torn about this as I think it should be something very calm and serene to keep Brides happy……but I would personally like something by the White Stripes or The Gossip to keep my energy up.


What’s the best thing about your job?

Having people come in, not sure what they want their wedding to be like and helping them to create the wedding that THEY want.


Banquet Hall wedding  (11)

If you were planning your wedding at the venue what would you choose in terms of styling and flowers?

Sad as it is I have my wedding planned hahahha. I would like it to be quite simple but elegant. A mix of rustic and formal. So using our lovely rough oak banquet tables but with beautiful plates and glassware. Flowers would have to be Sweet Pea as my Grandmother always grew it, peonies and old English roses with a lot of greenery.


And lastly, have you ever had a sip of champagne on the job? Yeah you have!

Of course I have.…..and sometimes more than a sip. But ONLY once everything has gone off smoothly.

Cheers Conor . . . 




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