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Can we get married anywhere? Your venue has no wedding license, no worries!

Love Is All You Need | Can we get married anywhere?


Can we get married anywhere? A question that floats around the wedding industry like a cloud of glitter full of hope. Naomi of Wedding Tattle talks about why you shouldn’t worry about a wedding license. Over to you Naomi . . .

What I find super-exciting at the moment is that more and more beautiful venues are opening their doors for weddings. There truly are some stunning locations in the South-East. Couples are opening their minds and hearts to quirkier, more laid back locations. Hallelujah! 

However, there can be a slight snag when it comes to booking such unique venues. For years couples have used hotels and locations all geared up for wedding ceremonies where they have a licence and everything can take place all under one roof. However now, because of the nature of some venues, they just do not have the licence and others may have their doors open to weddings but they may be currently trying to secure their licence. So, can we gat married anywhere? No. But who cares!?

As soon as you start having dreams about marrying under the canopy of trees in a secluded woodland, in a wild flower meadow, on a private beach location or on a private lawn in England and Wales, the legalities of it all become quite tricky. A legal wedding can only take place in a venue licensed for weddings and cannot take place in a tent, marquee, tipi, yurt or any other temporary structure and this of course includes in the open air. In Scotland the laws are much more lenient so if you want to legally marry on a mountain you can. Can we get married anywhere? Yes!


Wedding Barn | Can we get married anywhere?


The problem is this law is putting couples off using such stunning locations which is a huge shame. However, all is not lost, there are other options which must be considered but of course they do require flexibility. Marrying legally elsewhere a few days before with two witnesses is one way to sort the legalities of it all. Just a couple of days before the day get the paper signing done. Make yourselves look fabulous, grab two independent witnesses and make a day of it. Celebrate with a meal just the two of you. You could even get your photographer to go along for a couple of hours to capture the whole event. Otherwise, marry legally with just a few close friends and family. You are then free to marry wherever you fancy.


Velvet Storm photo | Can we get married anywhere?


This day will be your wedding day and your guests will be celebrating your marriage. There are the most fabulous celebrants around who offer to do all sorts of ceremonies. They meet up with you in advance of the day, get to know you as a couple and write the ceremony tailored to you. It can be as traditional or non-traditional as you like. There may be readings, vows and even songs. It is entirely up to you as it becomes your ceremony and it will reflect you both as a couple.
Some guests may find it tricky to get their head around the fact that it isn’t legal but believe me; they will find the ceremony so ridiculously beautiful and personal that this concern will completely disappear. They will feel honoured to have shared such a special celebration of your relationship.
I believe passionately that a wedding should reflect you as a couple. So, if you have found a fabulous location that you have both fallen head-over-heels in love with, try and consider how you can make it work for you. Using a celebrant is becoming hugely popular as they are not only allowing couples to have ceremonies in the most fantastic locations but they are on a mission to ensure every couple’s ceremony celebrates their friendship, love and those around them who have made them into who they are together. After all, isn’t this exactly what a wedding is all about?


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On a little side note, outdoor weddings in England and Wales could become legalised as part of a new ‘belief’ plan. So in the future couples could be having humanist ceremonies in the open air and this would be the only ceremony needed, with this in mind, the answer to can we get married anywhere? Will be YES…now this would be amazing!

Lots of Love
Naomi x

(Images by Velvet Storm)

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