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Meet Becky, Events Manager with Browning Bros.

Becky of Browning Bros. Events

Who are you and what is your role with Browning Bros. Events? 

Becky Kruger- Event Manager at this fabulously unique Essex wedding venue!

How did you get involved with the venue?

I got involved with the company because I was looking for work experience in events having a passion for the industry. As I went to Newcastle University with Nat and Archie I had heard about the exciting business so got in touch in the hope they needed an assistant. Best decision yet! 

The venue is ‘Truly Quirky’ we know that already but what do you feel makes it stand out from the wedding venue crowd? 

Well where can you get married these days and not be told what to do?! Browning Bros gives you the platform and you can do as you please with it. They don’t pressure you to use their local businesses they encourage you to be as creative as you want on your special day. None of this in – out malarkey which you see in many Essex wedding venues, this is why I know they’re so great.

The owners are truly relaxed and add to the ‘quirkiness’ of their unique wedding venue, nothing is a problem for them and they are extremely creative themselves having been to a fair few festivals and parties themselves! (they know what looks good), they have decorated their venue with the most amazing colourful lights which adds a mesmerizing feel, like being at a festival .

Oh and their mega sound ceiling- I mean it’s like being at Glastonbury under that thing but 5 steps outside it the you can hear yourself whispering. It’s neighbour friendly and super fun!! (Yes I have been caught dancing under it once or twice- guuiiiiilty!)

If you could choose one song/album to listen to while you’re doing what you do at the venue what would it be?

Bakermat, Bob, Bobobo, Chris Malinchak, Goldfish – anything jazzy and upbeat is good at work- gets you in da moooood for daaaancing… romaaaaancing!

Browning Bros. Events by night.

What’s the best thing about your job? 

Working alongside the owners – they are extremely funny relaxed guys to work with and make planning events really fun (which is what they should be!). I never felt beneath them but part of a really exciting journey. I enjoyed going to work as each day as every day was so different. One minute we were building a shower, the next we we’re showing clients around the venue.  I mean I couldn’t write down the different things we did. I learnt so much about the planning side of events to- but overall I loved seeing the hard work being put into place and managing the event on the day. Nothing pleased me more than to see smiley happy faces. Each event Browning Bros. created did this and it was magical to watch. I also love a party!


If you were planning your wedding at the venue what would you choose in terms of styling and flowers? 

Ahaha, honestly I have not really thought about this before but at this unique venue I know I could be as wild as I wanted to be and the space is so grand you could literally have a mini festival wedding – oooh this excites me! My friends would love a mini festival for my wedding. Ha. I am however a traditional type of gal at heart so there would have to be white roses everywhere.. down the path, around the arches, on the pontoon.. in my floral crown, you name it.

I would like everything to be white and yellow.. so tents, wedding flowers etc.. it would have to be very personal to me and my future hubby (whoever he is) to incorporate us into the theme. It would be a mixture of bohemian chic, festival wedding with traditional elegance as I think that would create a stunning scene next to the lake and surrounded by woodland. Lighting would be key which Browning Bros are terrific at.

And lastly, have you ever had a sip of champagne on the job? Yeah you  have!

Champagne, beer, cocktails, wine, the list could go on!! haha


Wow Becky, sound like we need a little # here #lovemyjob, I can’t wait to come and visit.

Thank you for your time and telling us about working at this unique wedding venue Essex.



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