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Getting married next Autumn? Exciting. Autumn Weddings are a dream to me, fresh crisp air, blue skies, orange leaves drifting on by, yeah, if I did it again I’d do it autumn. I have heard many a photographer say it is the best time of year for wedding photos too, something to do with the light, the atmosphere, the colours I guess. So here are a few really great, easy, and of course, quirky Autumn Wedding ideas . .


Autumn Wedding Ideas 1. Succulent Bouquets . . . 

I don’t know about you but I LOVE succulents, they ooze life, they compliment all types of flowers and foliage. These juicy autumnal bouquets show that succulents enhance any colour scheme, so they are the top of my list of truly delightful Autumn Wedding Ideas. You could also pop single house leeks in orange pots on your tables.



Autumn Wedding Ideas 2. Blood Orange Welcome Drinks . . .

There’s something about the Blood Orange isn’t there? Something other worldly, the aroma, the intense red and of course it’s name. Autumn wedding welcome drinks should be beautiful, orange gems, so here are 3 gorgeous recipes for you to consider. Alternatively you could sip these by the fire after dark. #toptip Always make sure there are virgin options for those that don’t drink alcohol. 
  1. Blood Orange Champagne Mule from
  2. Blood Orange & Rosemary G&Ts from
  3. Blood Orange & Elderflower Gin Cocktails from


Autumn Wedding Ideas 3. Vintage Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

Gone are the days of matching bridesmaids from stuffy ‘wedding dress shops’. If you’re getting married in Autumn among the trees, maybe a woodland wedding, then imagine these beauties appearing beside you. There’s a wealth of fabulous vintage shops up and down the country but I found these divine orange numbers on Etsy! I know I would be thrilled if my friend told me I could chose my own vintage dress as long as it was orange. Heaven.




Autumn Wedding Idea 4. Late night Autumnal Tummy Warmers

I don’t think there is anything more satisfying than warming your tum up on a cold autumn evening. If you are looking for foody autumn wedding ideas then maybe consider the one of these three wedding caterers. I tell you what your guests will be SO darn grateful and won’t forget the moment they were feeling a bit chilly and the late night treats arrived. I bet they’re good at soaking up the booze too!




Autumn Wedding Ideas 5. Bonfires!

Is there anything more cosy of an evening in Autumn than to have a bonfire lit. Your wedding will  be one to remember because you chose a Truly Quirky Wedding Venue and because you remembered to warm up your guests before the fire works. Get some blankets by the back door for people to cover their knees. Oh and some sparklers!! Amazing times people, amazing times.


Happy Planning! I hope these Autumn Wedding Ideas have been helpful.

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