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Totally fab & alternative wedding favours



I have something to admit. Wedding favours have never sat well with me. I have never understood them, I didn’t have them at my wedding because I thought they were ‘an American thing’, a waste of time and money. The thought of mini bottles of champagne bubbles makes me feel nauseous.  My best friend told me earlier this week she was given a condom as a favour once, not to mention the name places with her AND her husbands names spelt wrong…!

However this week I was looking for images of succulents online as I’m considering getting one tattooed on my shoulder.  I stumbled across the most fabulous alternative wedding favours I’d ever seen, living succulents in tiny hand thrown pots. They made my heart sing. I can totally imagine my delight if I found one of these beauties on my table at a wedding and I would treasure it and think of that wedding every time I spritzed it.

This find inspired me to look in to the history of favours, I wanted to convince myself that wedding favours can be really cool. After googling ‘the history of wedding favours’ I found a great post on the Wasing Park blog (a Truly Quirky Wedding Venue)  about a member of their team who had recently married and had the same feelings as me. Yep, she researched the history of favours too.

The tradition lies with the French aristocracy. During the 16th century they would pass guests ʻbonbonnièresʼ, delicately jewel encrusted boxes full of sugared almonds or sweets. This was a gesture of extravagance but it was also believed that sugar had health-giving properties. It seems that a gift of a bonbonnière was a symbol of care extended to all guests. Sugared almonds carried additional significance at weddings, as the bitterness of the almonds and the sweetness of the sugar was thought to symbolise the bitter-sweetness of marriage, which in my eyes is a wise message to pass on.

So with a new place in my heart for the wedding favour I offer you, in no particular order my Top Five Alternative Wedding Favours …


ONE | Living Succulents | Alternative Wedding Favours by ElfKendall on Etsy


Alternative wedding favours, succulents.


I found these on Etsy by ElkKendall. I read with delight that her husband makes the pots and she plants the succulents, which she calls jewels of nature, and to me they are.


TWO | Polaroid coasters or magnets | Alternative Wedding Favours

Alternative Wedding Favours | Polaroid Coasters


Recently I had that sinking feeling that I’m sure many of us have these days ‘I never see the photos I take anymore (sadface)’ so I’ve started using an app called Cheerz who print your Instagram images. I hang them on little lines with mini pegs, but that’s by the by, how about polaroid coasters for your guests, CUTE and alternative wedding favours.

You could choose images of you and your friends or you as a couple, or just things you love that will remind your guests of you and your day.


THREE | Library Cards with snippets of book facts on the back | Alternative Wedding Favour Ideas


Alternative Wedding Favours | Book Ideas


Great idea, love this, especially for a bookwormy couple. This one might take some time but I love the idea of these little library cards.


Four | Charity | Alternative Wedding Favours that save lives

Alternative Wedding Favours that save lives


These made my heart glow. These little charity wedding favours from Unicef provide six children with a school exercise book and two pencils, helping them to learn. The cards have space for you to write a message to your guests. Loads of charities do similar favours.


FIVE | Temporary Tattoos | Alternative Wedding Favours


Doris Loves Temporary Tattoos


Temporary tattoos always make me smile, kids love them, we love them, they are just great and you can take loads of photos of you being silly with them. These are a particular favourite of mine that come with Doris Loves Temporary Tattoo Station In A Box!

I hope this post has offered you some inspiration if you feel the way I did about the sometimes, dreaded wedding favour.

Yours Truly


(Top image of favours from JacksbrickBlog)

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