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5 Things to consider when choosing a wedding venue. Part 1


1.What kind of venue are you after? 

Choosing a wedding venue is tough right!? A unique venue is obviously what you’re after as you are visiting this site. There are so many spectacularly unusual venues out there, and a few of my favourites are on this site, from bars, to pubs with secret gardens full of love nests.

It’s easy to get carried away with looking in wedding magazines filled with adverts for hotels and barns when you’re choosing a wedding venue but believe me, there’s so much more out there to feast your eyes on, just look at what we have to offer.


2. Do you want a religious ceremony?

If you do, great, you will probably want to get married in a religious setting followed by a reception. If not, there are many other options available these days from hand fasting ceremonies to non-religious without rituals, with rituals but no religious elements, religious in feel, but not in practice, civil ceremonies and probably a few I’ve missed. Just ask your venues when you call send your enquiry. If you have other religious beliefs and are choosing a wedding venue you might want to consider having the ceremony at a neutral location, like a church hall, glamping site or pub. Choosing a wedding venue to fit  your beliefs is important and needn’t be stressful.


3. Do you want the wedding to be a mini break with activities? 

Lots of our venues have some pretty damn fabulous activities for you and your guests to take part in of you are having a little holiday whilst throwing your nuptials. Just ask when you enquire.

4. How many guests do you want? Are all of them able bodied? Are there prams to consider? 

When you are choosing a wedding venue you might need to consider guests who can’t get around that easily. So many places these days have easy access for wheels, however, if you are wanting to get married down on the beach below a castle in Scotland and you do have very elderly relatives who you adore and wouldn’t want to upset you might want to reconsider, maybe have photos of just you two in the more remote setting, there’s a way around everything!


Barns by Night at Goffin Land Wedding Venue


5. What time do you want to stop partying?

Many of our Truly Quirky Wedding Venues have a no lights out policy which is great if you’re thinking of having an after party for friends only, yep, this is an increasingly popular option people. If you are party animals choosing a wedding venue you might want to consider a silent disco if you are partying after midnight, Katherine of The Arabian Tent Company offers this, and it’s such great fun. However, some venues do have a time that they want you and your guests to leave by, make sure your guests are aware of this if cabs and lifts need to be sorted.

To be continued…




Venue Image 1. The Hepworth Wakefield

Venue Image 2. Woodland Tipi & Yurt Weddings

Venue Image 3. Goffin Land

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