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This is the most unique wedding venue finder in the UK. If you are looking to get married in a really unusual wedding venue, somewhere that reflects you as a couple, I mean somewhere that doesn’t just churn the weddings out, that doesn’t pull a big stretchy chair cover over their poor innocent chairs, then you’re in the right place. TQWV’s wedding venue finder was born out of a conversation I had with with a very cool and creative couple at one of my events, we were wondering why it was so hard to find really alternative, cool, unusual wedding venues that embrace creative couples. They had spent yonks, trawling sites that were breaking their creative hearts. Well, I had to put a stop to that didn’t I?

There are so many sites to help couples find alternative wedding photographers, quirky wedding florists, unique wedding videographers and bargain wedding dresses so why not have on that focuses on unique, super cool wedding venues? Now they are not so hard to find!  May I introduce you to a wedding venue finder site like no other.

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Talk to me people!

I am always looking for ‘knock your socks off’ unique, creative, quirky and super cool, unusual wedding venues, and I need you to tell me about some I might have missed. If you know of, or run a venue that has something truly unique, truly one-of-a-kind, truly quirky then contact me and have a chat. If you have worked at a venue that just blew you away then let me know. PLEASE!

I would love to tell the world about even more amazing unusual wedding venues to tie the knot and to make the reality of choosing yours happen. I would also love to hear from you if you are a ‘Truly Quirky & Creative’ supplier as we offer great rates on side bar advertising.

Our side bar adverts must reflect the vibe of the venue page you are advertising on so no Normal Normans please.

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Say What? 

May 2016 from Lou, venue owner, Trevor Hall

“Hi Kelly, I just wanted to let you know that this week I have had two bookings confirm, both of which found us through your site. I am very happy with the bookings and the two couples are just lovely and the type of folk that I am looking forward to welcoming here for their weddings. Great Job!!!! Many many thanks x”

February 2016 from Emma, bride-to-be

“Hi Kelly. It was great to find your site. You know, one without chair covers, boring barn conversions, dull manor houses and things that just don’t say ‘us’ in any way! We so want to get married….. but if we are going to spend the crazy money it takes to do so, we simply must find something that suits our personality and that we can feel comfortable with. It has been really lovely to read your blog and to see how you got started. I am actually feeling really excited now, rather than dulled by the prospect of 3 course nightmare with greying table cloths and (seriously, I think I am actually scared of the chair coverings…. what IS that?!).

Anyway, great stuff, love it all, loads of ideas and feeling far more positive that now these things may actually happen!”


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